If you want prayer stop in here!

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Re: If you want prayer stop in here!

Postby ginabeewell » Wed Oct 09, 2019 12:06 am

CrossfitChick1980 wrote:Good evening, I'm stopping in for prayer. I am grieving the loss of my husband and there are moments where it seems like my grief will swallow me whole. Please pray that God continues to comfort us. Thanks!

I’ve been procrastinating going to bed and poking around the internet and found this and think now I know why I wasn’t going to sleep earlier like I should have. I will be praying for you with everything I have tonight.
45 year old mom of twins (8) and lucky stepmom of 14 and 16 year olds
9/17/18 DX stage 4 CRC w inoperable liver mets
9/20/18 CEA 931
10/1/18 FOLFOX + Vectibix planned 12 rounds
12/12/18 CT scan showed typhlitis (7 days in hospital) but largest met down to 5 cm. Chemo holiday.
12/26/18 CEA 4.6
1/14/18 Resume chemo (#6-8)
3/27/19 HAI pump placement / colon resection
4/8/19 Resume chemo (#9-19) FOLFOX (no OX) + Vectibix
5/20/19 CEA 1.3
7/19/19 1st liver resection
10/16/19 2nd liver resection

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