If you want prayer stop in here!

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Re: If you want prayer stop in here!

Postby Pyro » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:40 am

Thank you folks, I KNOW it helps. My oncologist punted until next week, told me I still needed to heal from my emergency blockage surgery. I’ve missed 3 infusions at this point and I don’t meet with the oncologist until next week, he knows where my heart lives in this issue. Comfort care sounds so good.
Aug 2015- Diag Stage 4 CC with liver Mets(38/m)
Sep 2015- Avastin/Folfox/Iron
Dec 2015-Not liver surgery candidate
Jan 2016- Erbitux/Folfiri, 2nd opinion at MDA in TX
Feb 2016 -MDA liver surgery
Mar 2016 -30% of left lobe rem, PVE
May 2016 - 70% of liver rem
Jun 2016-Rad
Jan 2017-perm colost @MDA
Jul 2017-Erb/FOLFURI
Nov 2017 -Lung & Liver ablations@MDA
Jan 2018 -Xeloda & Avastin mx
Jul 2018-Avast/FOLFURI
Sep 2018-Rad
Mar 2019 - Keytruda fail, CEA @36
Jun 2019 - FOLFURI until I can’t stand it

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Re: If you want prayer stop in here!

Postby Mohrfamily » Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:09 am

Please keep up the prayers my DH had and MRI this week that contradicts what the PET says that his liver is worse the MRI and CEA say smaller not bigger!

Hope is alive and well in His name and my soul!
DH dx officially stage IV with liver mets largest measuring 6x6.4 cm
Colonoscopy/endoscopy/port place 5/29
4cm long mass in splenic flexure
1st round FolFox 5/30
08/2018 new CT no new lesions, clear lungs, slight decrease in colon.
3/2019 PET scan shows greater than 6-7 liver mets largest measuring 3x3 cm. No growth nothing new.
4/3/19 consult radiologist for possible radiation treatment.

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