For Stage III's: NED for how long now?

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Re: For Stage III's: NED for how long now?

Postby steveincolorado » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:04 am

I'm a stage 3C, Left side Sigmoid part of the colon with Signet Ring Cell carcinoma. My surgery was in August 2012 and I lost 12 lymph nodes during the surgery. So far five years out from the surgery I'm doing okay.

DX Stage IIIC 6 Aug 2012 at age 58
Resection 27 Aug 2012
PET scan 25 Sep 2012 no further cancer detected
Chemo started 15 Oct 2012
Chemo completed 20 March 2013
CT scan 25 April 2013 No sign of cancer

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Re: For Stage III's: NED for how long now?

Postby horizon » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:14 am

NZJay wrote:after my scope last week, I'm NED 3 years and 11 months. Final scan to come :arrow:

Congrats Jay!
I'm just a dude who still can't believe he had a resection and went through chemo (currently 6 years NED). Is this real life?

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Re: For Stage III's: NED for how long now?

Postby mmblz » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:56 pm

2+ years, just had a clean scan
37yo married 12 years. 4 kids 9, 7, 4, 2
2015-09-21 colonoscopy finds tumor in sigmoid, partial obstruction
2015-09-22 CT no mets, path G2 adenocarcinoma, CEA 1.2
2015-09-29 lap hemicolectomy at MSKCC
2015-10-06 pT3 N1a M0 stage IIIB
2015-10-22 folfox started - 12 rounds, last 4 no oxaliplatin
2016-10-27 clear CT !

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Re: For Stage III's: NED for how long now?

Postby fumaros » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:26 am

I have been NED since my surgery in April 2016 1 year and 7 months.
Diagnosed 4/8/16, age 29
Colectomy 4/20/16
Stage III, T4bN1 Tumor 7x6.5x2. Muscinous Adenocarcinoma with SRC features
2/16 lymph nodes
CEA 4/14/16 - 16.8
CEA 6/2/16 - 1.9
CEA 6/17/16 - 0.87, 7/16 - 1.33, 12/16 - 1.14, 4/17 - 0.6, 7/17 - 0.5
FOLFOX began 6/24/16 - 11/25/16
10 round FOLFOX, 2 round 5-FU & Leucovorin
MRI & CT 8/16 - NED, CT 12/16 - 7/17 - NED

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Re: For Stage III's: NED for how long now?

Postby KathyLynn » Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:21 pm

Wow, you are a group of such amazing people with amazing stories. You all give us new ones here so much hope. Thank you so much for sharing your stories. It’s amazing how you all stayed in this group even when you were ready to go on with your life and leave this behind you. This has been part of my everyday routine, to check on threads and read stories.

59 yr old. Mom of 3 daughters.
7/2017. Started taking probiotics. 2 weeks later blood in stool
8/2017. Colonoscopy. Rectal Cancer
9/2017. PET/CT. MRI. T2 or T3. NO MO
10/2017. Endo Ultrasound. T2 NO MO
11/27/2017. LAR surgery scheduled

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Re: For Stage III's: NED for how long now?

Postby Annemiek » Fri Nov 17, 2017 2:29 pm

Woop woop!
Just had my Ct scan for my three year cancerversary ( counting from surgery) and the nurse called an hour later for something unrelated saying, oh yeah, your scan is clear!
Cea stable at 1.9. This three year mark is prrrrrretty big! Feels like, 10 yrs have just been added to my life.
Working out 2 times a week and horseriding once.
Working 50%due to chemobrain and neuropathie.

Just saying, there’s hope.


43 yr mum of a girl aged 7
10/2014 coloncancer stage IIIc
11/2014 HIPEC, tumor removed + 12 positive out of 60 ln
hysterectomy, abdominal lining partly removed
Peridonitus, stoma fitted, 6 abcesses drained in abdomen
MSS, kras
3/2015 Folfox, someones playing kill Bill inside me
9/2015 finished 12 rounds,
First scan results: NED!!!!!!!!!
4/2016 ct scan: NED!!!
7/2016 ultrasound: NED
10/2016 cr scan: NED
5/2017 ultrasound: NED 2,5 yrs!
CEA 8/2017 1.8 stable.
CT scan 11/2017 NED! 3 yrs
CEA 1.9

Dori W
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Re: For Stage III's: NED for how long now?

Postby Dori W » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:35 pm

Hi--I had stage IIIC signet ring colon cancer with fourteen positive lymph notes. I was diagnosed in May 2008 and had my last treatment just before Thanksgiving that year, so 9 or 9.5 years, depending on how you want to count. I still remember how lousy I felt physically that Thanksgiving. Ugh.

I feel strange posting this--it's not really survivor's guilt, but I'm not sure what it is. I just want to show that I am a survivor who had a pretty iffy prognosis going in, and I am still here.

I don't want to diminish the feelings of folks dealing with a lot of uncertainty. One of the hardest things for me during and after treatment was that some of my friends and family could not accept my poor prognosis. I was in the depths, and they wanted me to remain "positive." I don't blame them--they were just dealing with their own fear--but it was hard. Now I'm sounding like a downer--Don't worry, I truly celebrate my NED status!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!

Diagnosed stage 3C signet ring colon cancer in May, 2008
14 out of 18 positive lymph nodes
Final treatment in November, 2008
NED ever since
I used to have an account under "Dori," but I've forever lost access to it.

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Re: For Stage III's: NED for how long now?

Postby jsw7302013 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:00 pm

Wow, Dori, that is so great that you haven't had any recurrence of treatment needed for so long!
Gives me hope that my NED status can continue!!
Do you still have CEA tests & follow up CT scans?
60 year old female
Dx: signet ring cell tumor in cecum, stage IIb,
no lymph involvement, Lynch negative
no perineural invasion, microsatellite instabilitiy
right hemicolectomy with resection 8/13
no follow up treatment

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