lump in stomach

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Re: lump in stomach

Postby needhelp » Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:37 pm

I, too, have the exact symptoms as some of you. I have a lump in my lower left abdomen that sometime causes me to feel bloated, it has changed my BM, and at times feel as if someone is slightly pulling on my left side. Sometimes the lump is there, sometimes it isn't. I went to two different GYN within the last year, as i thought it may have had something to do with my left ovary. However,one dr. also told me "I could feel my colon before a BM because I am skinny," while the other dr. said it might be a hernia, and both drs. sent me on my way without further diagnosis.. One year later, I am still suffering from the same symptoms and can't seem to figure out what is wrong.

For the past few days I have been able to feel the lump more often and more discomfort, so I am deciding to get a third opinion. But in the meantime,I am reading up on the symptoms of others and seeing what their results are. So please post your results and updates. It would help.
Once I get everything figured out and checked out, I will also post my results and updates for others who are in the same situation.


Re: lump in stomach

Postby dawnmarieA » Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:54 am

I'm goin through the same.. Every morning at 4 am when my stool is passing through my intestine I get this hard large mass that's painful as all hell for atleast 15 min until it passes.. I am not constipated I go every morning so am confused in the hardness of this thing! Had catscan nothing showed..weight should be at 125 to 130 down to 105lbs in 5 months .. Now pregnant with 2nd baby. Scared! Bc testing is minimal now .. So curious on all the answers u all received since all very similar stories.. I've never been this thin even before my 1st child everyones concerned.. And I'm just to scared to keep pushing for answers

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Re: lump in stomach

Postby Alie » Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:52 am

dawnmarieA wrote:I'm goin through the same.. Every morning at 4 am when my stool is passing through my intestine I get this hard large mass that's painful as all hell for atleast 15 min until it passes.. I am not constipated I go every morning so am confused in the hardness of this thing! Had catscan nothing showed..weight should be at 125 to 130 down to 105lbs in 5 months .. Now pregnant with 2nd baby. Scared! Bc testing is minimal now .. So curious on all the answers u all received since all very similar stories.. I've never been this thin even before my 1st child everyones concerned.. And I'm just to scared to keep pushing for answers

Did you have colonoscopy, if not, why not? That's first thing you should have done. All the best.

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Re: lump in stomach

Postby Terry » Fri Nov 05, 2010 12:07 pm

That is so little information for such a large diagnosis. It could be just lumps in the adipose (fat) tissue, a hernia or I'm sure other things besides cancer but you SHOULD have a doctor check it out. Signs of colon or rectal cancer are more like thin stools, blood or mucousy stools, constipation, diarrhea (frequently not once a year) or both.
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Re: lump in stomach

Postby Rachhod » Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:26 pm

Hello, i would be interested in hearing all your diagnosis. I'm 28 and found a lump in my left abdomen. Went to the doctors and he said he could feel it too. So, he sent me for an ultrasound, Which I had today and all is normal? I had twin girls 8months ago and after my caesarean I developed ecoli. I have read online that this could lead to urinary tract infection (which them causes a lump) but surely an ultrasound would have showed this? Please let me know what your diagnosis have been so I can compare?


Re: lump in stomach

Postby erman » Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:09 am

i have exactly the same problem, one strip of lumpy/stiff intestine/colon, which i can feel distinctly, or even see sometimes. moreover, it hurts when I run or walk fast or skip. it also feels very restricted around the area, and it is hard to pass gas sometimes, until i massage or press on the area. i am very concerned at this, and went to see many doctors, and did all the scans such as Ultrasound, CT, colonoscopy, with negative results. some concluded i have IBS or its just a functional pain and nothing much they could do. however it is very frustrating and affecting my everyday life as well, i even find it hard to relax. sometimes it even hurts when i breath in deeply, especially after a full meal.

If anyone here has a firm diagnosis from his doctor please let me know! i've been having this for a few years already. somehow i feel that if i were a super sports athlete, some famous doctor would detect and fix what is wrong with me in no time...

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Re: lump in stomach

Postby Harry » Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:42 am

I have a similar thing to this. In the morning when I am lieing down I can feel a long rope like lump that seems to have hard knots in it and when I press on them its like they move or become softern (it kind of goes from my left hip down to my pubic area in a straight line), usually form about 5.00am in the morning, there is no pain from the area at all even when I press on it. I first noticed it after I started doing yoga exercises to help my back as I am a landscape gardener, I was doing forward bends, ploughs etc quite regularly, so maybe I thought something had been slightly displaced because of this. Anyway I made an appointment to see my doctor as I suspected it might be a hernia of some sort, he looked me over, pressing my stomach quite hard in the area where my problem is, there was no pain. Becuase this sausage shaped lump is more noticeable very early in the morning, it wasn't that apparent when the doctor was feeling for it although he said he could feel something. He said he definitely didn't think it was a hernia and if I went for an ultrasound he was fairly confident nothing would show up but I insisted on having an ultrasound so he made me an appointment. The ultrasound showed nothing up inj the suspected area and I was told it was just muscle in that area, infact I was told they were the muscles that lift the left leg, so it could be just hard knotted muscle or something. Now about 8 months later I still feel the lump exactly the same early in the morning and when I press on it no pain but like before these hard areas seem to move and change cosistency and its almost like you can hear gurgly sounds when you press on them. I don't know how deep these ultrasounds go so it could still be something under the muscle that didn't show up in the ultrascan, but I feel ok and there is no interference with bowel movements etc apart from more flatulence in the early morning thats it so I am no further forward but like I say no pain or discomfort so do I just leave it alone? .....erm.


Re: lump in stomach

Postby london » Fri May 27, 2011 8:30 pm

Hello,my name is london.I have recently had colon large intestine surgury thus cutting my small and large intestine in half.The scar has healed but leaving a mark and has made a slight miss shape of my stomach.3 months have passed and today I have just noticed a lump on my lower right stomach,when I press it,I felt a slight pain but when I hunch my by back it hurts.I call my mother and ask her if it is normal and she just says that it probably is just from the surgury,she says that it is uncommon for young people to get it but I have done research online and have found similar problems that I have just experienced.Please if anyone has any advice please tell me because I am younger than the average person on here.Please do not shun me becuase I may be to young to have a stomach tumor,and I am so scared.Please help me. :(

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Re: lump in stomach

Postby dj2158 » Sun May 29, 2011 12:36 pm

i would go to a doctor to have this thoroughly checked out until they find an answer. if i could feel a lump, i would not be happy until i had an absolute diagnosis. if one doctor says he can't find anything, go to another and another until you get some results.
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Re: lump in stomach

Postby baby33down » Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:11 pm

I have notice the same thing, since my colon surgery over 8 months ago, I also had my large and small intestines cut in half the size, I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis, and had an awful bout. Lately I have this hard lump on my left lower side of my stomach and it is tender and sore at times, I think it comes from the fact my intestine are half the size, so if I get gas or have to have a bowel movement it is felt more readily because of my lack of intestine lenght now. I see we have so many of the same problem, I really hope this help, sometimes I do not even feel the lump and when I over exert myself I do. We just have to get use to a new way of feeling because we really are new people in our bodies I wish everyone well. I have to say I am a little afraid to do sit ups for fear that lump would pop but maybe that just my feeling.

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Re: lump in stomach

Postby happyhippo » Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:47 pm

erman -

Have you had any luck with your condition? Anything determined and/or resolved? I've been having the exact same symptoms as you for the past few years, and I'm at my wits end as well. I've had an abdominal CT scan, X-Rays, IVP kidney scan, Ultrasounds, etc. and NOTHING has been figured out. I even had a varicocelectomy surgery (recommended by my 3rd urologist) and that had no effect on the pain.

I'd love to chat/talk/email off-forum if you're able to.


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Re: lump in stomach

Postby erman » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:31 am

hi happyhippo,

you could leave your email or other contact, as i am unable to send you any private messages.



Re: lump in stomach

Postby Jess1328 » Thu May 03, 2012 8:18 pm

Hi- ive been having the exact symptoma as many of you, pain on te right side by hip straight down pelvic area in a rope pr sausage like shape. Hurts more after a full meal too. Im also starting to kotice it on the right side. Going in for an ultrasound tomorrow but so far no luck. Not sure if its related but ive had pea sized nodes in my neck area swollen for over a year now, over 10. With no answers even after a ct scan. Can anyone help?!? Has anyone gotten any answers? It costs so much to see these doctors and i just want answers


Re: lump in stomach

Postby melissa24 » Sun May 06, 2012 4:56 am

Hi Guys I have read everyone post and i have the exact symptons however no one has said what their outcome was aside from colon cancer as i dont have rectal bleeding so safe tot say i can scratch that out ? can some one please help the doctors are just a joke here and look at me as if i am crazy however these symptons i have seem to have a common affect on people judging by what has been posted. I am really concerned .. please help i look forward to someone replying

thank you !!!


Re: lump in stomach

Postby Alexl17 » Thu May 17, 2012 10:45 am

Hello Everyone, I have the same problem. My lump is on my lower left and sometimes it gets really hard and when i push on it it becomes sore. Could this just be a sist on my overies? Im really scared to know what this is but we all need to find answers soon! The lump hurts more when im trying to have a BM i have to lean over my stomach and put pressure on left side where the lump is when im trying to have a BM because it hurts so bad. I also dont have normal BM. I only can go about once every 5 or 6 days but i dont feel constipated but when i do have to go its not normal i have to strain and push for at least 15-30 mins before i am finished (sorry if tmi) and my bowel movemnets are small round pellet like everytime i go.. :( Im sorry if this is too much info. im just really concerened about whats going on and is anyone else having these same symptoms? Im 20 yrs old Female and never have been pregnant and no chance that i am currently..Please any advice or help would be greatly apprecitated! THanks- Alex :)

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