Unpredictable, Watery, Diarrhea After Right Hemicolectomy

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Re: Unpredictable, Watery, Diarrhea After Right Hemicolectom

Postby cadetmamaj » Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:42 pm

I am now 15 months since my right hemi colectomy and removal of the 23+ lymph nodes and all vessels. My surgery was a result of a rare tumor found during a 'routine' appendectomy. The tumor was a cancer, an Appendiceal Carcinoid that was 2.5cm in size. Things were going alright, I was getting used to my new normal, having learned that I have to run to the bathroom within 20 minutes max. I am also a brain cancer survivor and during my last visit to my neurosurgeon they did some labs as a result of some issues I'm having and found that i am severely Vitamin D deficient. I started the therapy for that, 50,000 units weekly for 3 months. In the last month I have started having an inability to control my bowels no matter what I eat, I can barely make it to the bathroom if I make it at all. I have even woke up in bed having messed myself. I did some blood tests today as well as stool tests, and I see my doctor on Monday to hopefully get some answers. I just don't know what to do...I a, 37 years old and I refuse to give in to this disease, but do not know what to do! I have had no chemo, radiation, or anything else, other than surgery. Any ideas would be great!


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Re: Unpredictable, Watery, Diarrhea After Right Hemicolectomy

Postby Sharonlee » Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:28 am

It has been 6 weeks since my right hemi colectomy and removal of the 24 lymph nodes. My surgery was also the result of a rare tumor found during a 'routine' appendectomy. The tumor was cancer, an Appendiceal Carcinoid that was 5.0 cm in size. I am adjusting to my new bathroom routine, alternating between constipation and diarrhea. The worst is the terrible odor and gas. I hope it gets better. My stomach constantly make gurgling noises. I fear when I am out that I may lose control of my bowels. Any suggestions, advice would be so appreciated. Also,Should I be concerned when I am constipated? Things were going alright, I was getting used to my new normal, but I have a trip planned to go out of the country in a few months. Worried about that also.

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Re: Unpredictable, Watery, Diarrhea After Right Hemicolectomy

Postby Travelgirl » Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:16 pm


Might I suggest you start your own feed?

I had your same surgery nine weeks ago. U need to change what your eating? Did your your doctor give you a list of foods to eat and not eat.. It sounds like you need to eat some bananas and rice. I have what your saying for two weeks. And I will say I had cecum cancer located at the opening of my appendix wall. So your cancer sounds similar.

I travel a lot too, and alone around the world. You need to eat small amounts too, it takes really good patience, practice and discipline. I won't lie I typically ate fast and lots of food. I am notorious for forgetting to eat,and then I'm starved out of my mind and end up eating like I'm going to the electric chair...

Our bodies need to get used to its new plumbing system. Start a new feed and more will see this post.

I wish you the best. If your doctor didn't give an eating list I still mine I can share some of it with you.
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Re: Unpredictable, Watery, Diarrhea After Right Hemicolectomy

Postby Sharonlee » Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:28 am

Thank you for your feedback. Yes it sounds very similar to my type of cancer carcinoid tumor. My doctor did not give me a list of foods to eat . It would be great if you could share your food list with me. This is so new to me and it feels like it's taking over my life. Wow, you're eating habits were like mine. I have a Tendency to eat fast and when I finally eat, I do eat a large quantity of food. I have started eating smaller amounts more often during the day. However with that said, I am not quite sure what triggers the sudden burst of when I have to go. Bananas and rice is good but I also fear constipation as I do not want to strain. I have had a few days where I felt like I could not go. Any help, Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Does it get any better? :-)

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Re: Unpredictable, Watery, Diarrhea After Right Hemicolectomy

Postby peanut_8 » Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:34 am

I agree with TG. It might be a good idea to start a new thread. This is a really old one, and you will most likely get more attention with a new post.
And welcome to ColonTalk.
Best Wishes, peanut
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Re: Unpredictable, Watery, Diarrhea After Right Hemicolectomy

Postby druffino » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:42 am

Today is September 12, 2017. I had a right Hemi-colectomy on May 15 of this year. I have had diarrhea since the procedure although there are times when I have a solid stool, the times of diarrhea far supersede the times of normal bowel movements.

One of the problems that I face is that for years I have had a problem with keeping my potassium level in line. My health plan says that normal potassium levels are between 3.5 and 5. I have found that the higher level is better for me because when my potassium level gets down toward the lower end I start to experience PCV's with my heart which has led to atrial fibrillation in the past. So after this surgery, when I feel a PVC I immediately take an extra potassium chloride tablet. This helps.

I have always had a problem with IBS and since the surgery, it has gotten worse. I identify with others that have posted here that I have to watch what I eat and especially when I eat. The first thing that I search out at a restaurant or at a store is where the bathroom is located. At the very first sign of an impending bowel movement, I have to make it to the bathroom immediately or risk soiling my underpants. Finding clean bathrooms in such establishments is sometimes difficult so I have to hope that I can hold things in until I've placed protection over the seat and such.

I have found that I can now eat things that used to set off the IBS. For instance, living here in the US we have a fast food restaurant called Taco Bell. If I eat at Taco Bell I have no problem whatsoever. It seems to calm my bowel. I've found that instant potato's work well too and real mashed potatoes work well too. Strangely, it seems that the crap that others cannot eat work okay for me. Eating healthy sets off diarrhea badly. I'm of Italian extract and have loved pizza my whole life. If I eat the topping with the bread I have problems. If I order a cheese pizza and eat just the cheese and some pizza sauce I find it binding.

I'm going to try the Cream of Wheat and some other things that people have talked about. I've been tested for celiac disease and bread sensitivity so Cream of Wheat and Oats will probably be okay.

Another thing that I realize is that (and this might sound strange) is that when I'm at work I'm not running to the toilet five or six times a day. When I'm at home at rest it is opposite and I'm running to the bathroom many times. Fortunate for me, most of my coworkers have been very understanding as are most people when you mention the C-Word. There's still a few that cannot understand why getting to the bathroom is such an urgency. I hope that they won't have to learn from experience.

Well, I just wanted to share a little and to see if anyone has won over the diarrhea problem. I've read a lot on this thread, but nothing definitive to end the loose stool. Thanks for letting me join this group.


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Re: Unpredictable, Watery, Diarrhea After Right Hemicolectomy

Postby susie0915 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:11 pm

I'm so sorry you have to go through this. My issues are different than yours as I had rectal cancer. I don't have diarrhea so much as just frequent stools. A little at a time for hours. It becomes bothersome and limits the things you can do. When taking lomotil or immodium you can go into the state of constipation. It's been two years since my ileo reversal and almost a year and a half since I finished treatment. I did try the MD Anderson bowel management program which is designed specifically for CRC patients. It is designed to train your bowels to evacuate at the same time every day and limit diarrhea by taking Metamucil or Citrucel in a small amount of water to bulk the stools. You can find the entire program online if you google. I ended up going to University of Michigan bowel control clinic last winter. After some testing the doctor suggested taking miralax every day or doing enemas or suppositories. The plan was to get to a point that I evacuated most at one or two times a day. I ended up going with the daily tap water enema. It empties my lower bowel and I'm good for the whole day. I felt the miralax would be too unpredictable and the enema takes me about 30 minutes every morning and I'm good until the next day. My surgeon has no problem with this. There are many on this forum that follow this program. I'm not sure if it work for colon cancer patients the same. When you have your rectum removed you lose your storage facility so the problem becomes one of frequency more than diarrhea. But the MD Anderson program may be helpful for you. It starts the patient our with the minimum of fiber and builds up slowly as needed. You may want to check it out if you haven't already.
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Re: Unpredictable, Watery, Diarrhea After Right Hemicolectomy

Postby Beckster » Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:38 pm

Lidarose wrote:Hi all! :)
I am now 2-1/2 months post-op (right hemi-colectomy with removal of 32 lymph nodes and my ileo-cecal valve), and am experiencing unpredictable, watery, horrid-smelling diarrhea periodically, with much flatulance. The diarrhea's odor is the worst I've ever smelled, (not to mention the odor of my flatulance!). I'm not sure what's causing it, as in between, I'm actually constipated.

Example: Two constipated bowel movements last Sunday in the A.M. Went out for anniversary dinner with my husband, and ate well! One hour after dinner, (we were home, thank the Lord), I spent 4 hours on the pot with diarrhea. I'd get off and then try to walk into the bedroom, and have to go right back! By the next day, all was "firm" again.

This seems to occur after a meal that's larger than normal, with more fat than normal. That's the only thing I've noticed that's possibly causative.

Problem is, there's no diaper made that would hold the amount of liquid this diarrhea produces, i.e., (4-5 bowlfulls), not to mention the embarrassment of the awful odor, and I'm now afraid to leave the house, for fear that I will be caught in public with an occurrence, and have to spend 4 hours on a public toilet somewhere, or worse be caught with no restroom in the area! There's no surcease once it starts, and there is no time to go anywhere, or get home, and worst thing of all, there's all of 10 seconds notice when it occurs!

Is anyone else who's had a right hemicolectomy experiencing this phenomenon?

Would appreciate any input!

Lida :roll:

Hi Lida!

I too had a right hemi-colectomy ... it took time for the "rerouting" of the intestines to adjust. Heavy meals with fat will cause diarrhea. Be patient...it will get better. It might take up to 8 months to a year for everything to settle down. You will learn what you can eat and adjust your diet. You also have to remember that the right side of the colon takes the liquid out of the stool .... no right colon = watery diarrhea! I think that everything will settle down in a couple of months.

Good Luck!
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Re: Unpredictable, Watery, Diarrhea After Right Hemicolectomy

Postby susmart » Mon May 07, 2018 5:20 pm

Am happy to find this support group where such issues and strategies can be addressed. Unless you have a similar problem, no one else really cares, nor do I wish to discuss it with them!

Had right-hemi colectomy after removal of perforated appendix, in December of 2017. (A 69 yr old female.) Four months later, haven’t figured out how to avoid diarrhea, gas, or know any kind of of reliable bathroom schedule.

With me, the first BM of the day is the only remotely normal one, the others all seem to be go, then go again, and again about a minute apart, looser each time. Finding a way to "chain them all together," would be a start.

Sometimes I can not need to go for a couple of hours, other times- less than a minutes notice. I thought there would be rules or real guidelines. Only help I got from the doctor was “Expect to be 25% closer to a restroom now.”

Can’t tell if frequency is tied to when I eat, what I eat, or if being very active or inactive is a deciding factor. Seems that everything is a variable. How do other folks even begin to start figuring this out?

Good luck to all of us!

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