Good news, bad news, good news & good news!

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Good news, bad news, good news & good news!

Postby SlobberDog » Fri Jan 12, 2007 10:56 pm

HI everyone,

Good news: My scope this morning went great, no polyps, no problems. This does not explain my continuing hideous daily diarrhea, but the doc took some tissue samples, which will likely show the microscopic colitis that has shown before. He's going to do some "other" tests (blood/urine?) to rule out some more "rare" conditions, that can cause long-term diarrhea, and we'll discuss that next week at my follow-up appt. They used a new sedation drug that I'd never had, or had for a scope especially - called Propofol. It worked great, at least for me! Quick acting, same result as the previous "Versed", but without the longer "hangover" feeling after. I was alert and awake sooner, and felt fine. Whoo-hoo!

Bad news: Our insurance is refusing to cover the Colaris genetic test for CC. Despite my family Hx, they are denying. Bummer. But we will keep trying to see if there is a way they will pay for at least some.

Good news: We told Myriad to just run the d*mn test, that we'll pay for it. Not a pretty $$$ but at least I will have those answers, hopefully in about 18-21 days. Because I'm 39, and my dad was Dx w/CC at age 48, I want to know. His mother died of GI cancer as well, in her 50's... so I just need and want to know.

And the last Good news - unrelated to CC at all but made me really happy tonight: a 13 year old Missouri boy who'd been missing for 4 days was found alive and OK, and along with him was another boy (now 15) who had been missing for FOUR YEARS! They were found alive and OK near St. Louis, and it's all over the news, but what a happy ending for those poor kids.

Hope you all have a nice weekend-

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Postby eitter » Sat Jan 13, 2007 12:39 am

Great news on the Scope!

I hope you can find the answers to your health problems!

God Bless
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