what should I expect on the first day of chemo?

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Re: what should I expect on the first day of chemo?

Postby JudiB » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:00 am

Great news to share with your family, must be a big relief. A third of the way.. a milestone!
Most important thing is to try to focus on the positives.....this is just a little detour in our lives, which, hopefully, will soon be just a memory, reminding us how lucky we have been dicing with this stuff!!
Bring on those coloscopies!!! 8) 8) :lol:
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Re: what should I expect on the first day of chemo?

Postby benben » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:36 am

Tdubz wrote:Hopefully the shot works for you and you don't have to delay treatment. How low did your WBC counts have to go for them to give you a shot?

My Neutrophil count was 1.05 at day 14 after first treatment (2nd infusion day). Bottom line for my clinic is 1.0 to do treatment, and they are aggressive - normal counts are 1.9-7.4.
Typically by day 14 they should be back close to normal range, mine weren't. So Neupogen boost was deemed required. During Nadir, those counts can be extremely low. So it's important they are up prior to treatment.
I had first injection yesterday. Relatively non-eventful, thankfully. It's a shot that really stings going in. So RN did a good job at pre-warming and slowly injecting. I took claritan as suggested to minimize bone pain which is the most common side effect. So far haven't really experienced any of that. Go in for second shot today and we'll see tomorrow what the results are on the WBC. If back up it'll be a go for 3rd treatment, if not probably have to postpone for a week.

Happy 33.33% point to you.
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